Hi, I'm Matic!

I'm an award-winning filmmaker and a freelance designer & animator based in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

I like to work with clients big and small, but more importantly, I like to collaborate with awesome people like you. I love to experiment on personal passion projects in order to even better fuel all client-based collaborative work. I really enjoy working with different styles & techniques and finding new ways to combine & apply them. I approach my creative process and still draw a lot of inspiration from where I started off – as an editor and compositor. With over 12 years of experience in post production, I can lead and art direct small teams or simply, produce a project from start to finish by myself.

When I’m not sitting behind the screen, I’m most probably day dreaming of being an astronaut or a quantum physicist. If you like space, I’ll probably like you.

I'm available for worldwide collaboration, remotely or on location (EU area).

I work with:

Blackmagic Fusion, Cinema 4d, After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop

If you have a project, a collaboration, or just want to say hi, give me a shout!


A list of international film and animation festivals where THE LAST CIGARETTE ON EARTH has been screened at:

AZYL Festival at ART FILM FEST KOSICE 2019 (Bratislava, Slovakia) - WINNER, Best 1 Minute Film, KingstOOn Animation Festival 2019 (Kingston, Jamaica) – FINALIST, Best Special Effects, BERLIN Flash Film Festival 2019 (Berlin, Germany) – WINNER, Monthly Category, 2019 (Sofia, Bulgaria) – WINNER, Best Animation, CROMINUTE 2019 (Pozega, Croatia) – FINALIST, Top 10, ONE MINUTE Film Festival at GALWAY FILM FLEADH 2019 (Galway, Ireland) – OFFICIAL SELECTION, FilmONEFest 2019 (New Jersey, USA) – OFFICIAL SELECTION, VIDEO HACKERS Film Festival 2019 (Ovada, Italy) – OFFICIAL SELECTION, 60 SECONDS OR LESS Video Festival 2019 (Chestertown, USA) – OFFICIAL SELECTION, ONE MINUTE STORY Film Festival 2019 (Teaneck, New Jersey, USA) – OFFICIAL SELECTION, NANOMETRI Festival 2019 (Fano, Italy) - OFFICIAL SELECTION, BREAKING WAVES Film Festival 2019 (Long Island, Nova Scotia, Canada) – OFFICIAL SELECTION, THE 60 SECOND Film Festival 2019 (San Francisco, USA) – OFFICIAL SELECTION, ANILOGUE International Animation Festival 2018 (Budapest, Hungary) – OFFICIAL SELECTION, LOBO FEST 2018 (Brasilia, Brazil) – OFFICIAL SELECTION, 8th Annual STEAMPUNK Film Festival 2018 (Portland, USA) – OFFICIAL SELECTION, ANIMATEKA 2018 (Ljubljana, Slovenia) – OFFICIAL SELECTION, Panorama / Non-Competitive, LES SOMMETS DU CINEMA D'ANIMATION 2018 (Montral, Canada) – OFFICIAL SELECTION, MULTIVISION Festival 2018 (St. Petersburg, Russian Federation) – OFFICIAL SELECTION, FILMINUTE 2018 (Online Festival) – OFFICIAL SELECTION, FEKK 2018 (Ljubljana, Slovenia) – OFFICIAL SELECTION.


A list of international film and animation festivals where QUANTUM LOVE has been screened at:

LTUE Film Festival 2019 (Provo, Utah, USA) – OFFICIAL SELECTION, M Film Festival 2019 (Matosinhos, Porto, Portugal) – OFFICIAL SELECTION, SHORT CUT Short Film Festival 2019, (Inđija, Serbia) – OFFICIAL SELECTION, 2019 (Sofia, Bulgaria) – OFFICIAL SELECTION, ANILOGUE International Animation Festival 2018 (Budapest, Hungary) – OFFICIAL SELECTION.


GAJA’S WORLD, QUANTUM LOVE, SAVES THE WORLD, KIKU and TELETRANSFUSION were featured, along with a short interview with me, on BLACKMAGIC’s SPLICE COMMUNITY.


GAJA’S WORLD, a feature film for which I did the main titles for, has screened at several international festivals and has even won several awards, including BEST FILM OF 2018 CHILDREN'S PROGRAM at the SARAJEVO Film Festival.




Two projects I worked on - MORELA and MADHEN - were featured among top 100 mograph projects in MOTION GRAPHICS, a book about animation & logos by SendPoints.