Hi, I'm Matic!

I'm a freelance art director & animator based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. I enjoy working with different styles & techiques + finding new ways to combine & apply them. Just assume that right at this moment, I'm developing a cool style that will suit your project and the platform it'll be using, perfectly.
Coincidence? I think not.

With over 10 years of experience in post production, (mostly in motion design, but I still draw a lot of inspiration + approach my creative process from where I started off as – an editor & compositor), during which I also lead and managed a small studio, I can lead and art direct teams or simply, produce a project from start to finish by myself.

I like to work with clients big and small, but more importantly, I like  to work with awesome people, just like you. I really love experimenting on personal passion projects, but keep more than enough passion on reserve to fuel commisioned projects.

I'm available for worldwide collaboration, remotely or on location (EU area).

Feel free to say hello!