Hip Artificial Intelligence

Hip Artificial Intelligence or H.A.I. for short -  the last & final choice you will ever have to make! H.A.I. also comes in two different colours.

Speed: 3x 10.000.000 choices / msec
Battery: Self-sustainable
I/O: 4x Firewire 10k, USB 2.0

Can manage households, companies or planets

Short film by Matic Grgic

H.A.I. was created, animated & rendered in Blackmagic Fusion.
Smudged in Adobe Photoshop.
Sound was done with Motion Pulse from VIdeo Copilot



Wanted to have a little bit of fun, so I combined multiple ideas: ones that I love to think and talk about (robots, artificial intelligence and…toothbrushes, apparently) & ones that I like to work on (design with a painterly effect). The process itself was pretty straightforward, but fun nonetheless: I created, rigged, animated & rendered the robot in Blackmagic Fusion. Then, I imported the rendered images into Photoshop and did the really awesome part… I smudged the frame by hand… each and every one of them. Also, in Photoshop, I added some hand drawn animation on top. What started as a fun exercise, ended in a lesson well learnt. Would love to go back and revisit this style someday. With you, maybe?

Oh, I did the sound myself this time around – just wanted to play a bit with Motion Pulse from Video Copilot (that I just bought a copy of) and see what I can muster up. Came out pretty nice, as Motion Pulse is full of eerie and creepy sounds, that set up the undertone of the short film perfectly.