With an overwhelming interest in quantum physics (also having just finished reading Michio Kaku’s “Parallel Worlds”) and some free time on my hands, I figured it was time to produce something outworldly. Wouldn’t it be cool if humanity had already progressed so far that we could tap into the power of the multiverse? And wouldn’t it be super silly if we’d only use that power to fuel our obsessions with always having new stuff (or being able to constantly update, in this case) – new jeans, new glasses, new shoes?

Not silly at all, according to this fictional ad - as the Hi-Energy Parallel String Accelerator would surely be a huge hit. And here you thought this was just a plain ol’ commercial for sneakers.


Short film by Matic Grgic
Sound Design:
Matjaž Moraus Zdešar

Music: Thievery Corporation – For Mods Only
(I don’t own any rights to this song – however, it is not being used for commercial purposes with intent to sale)