Vox x Slack: Why Time Zones Are No Longer Obstacles for Successful Teams

Explainer Video

I had the privilege of working on a project for Vox Media in collaboration with the amazing Fox & Co. Design from Wellington, New Zealand. The project was created to explain and visualise why, when using Slack, timezones are no longer obstacles to today’s teams. The decision was to create the video using a variety of artists around the world and use Slack as the means to communicate throughout the project. Talk about practicing what you preach, aye? Since the main point of the video was to highlight worldwide collaboration, Fox & Co. Design were encouraged to use a range of styles in terms of design and animation techniques (so it was clear different artists were involved).

My part included design and animation for two shots: a tabletop shot and a shot where the shared workspace desk separates, drifts and transitions into continents (or as we called it, the Pangea scene).

The workflow and creative that we were working with on this project was refreshing and led to an enjoyable, collaborative project experience. This project taught me that the days of being hesitant about a job due to far away locations and time differences are over. To put it simply, working and communicating globally is the new norm. Enjoy!

Creative Director: Phyo Thu
Producer: Melissa Buisán, Alanna Sulz
Art Direction: Nico Speziali
Storyboard: Phyo Thu, Emily Pritchard
Illustration: Martin Orza, Felipe Medina
2D Animation: Adam Glucksman, Linus Nelson
Collage Animation: Adam Glucksman
3D Character Design: Emily Pritchard, Matic Grgic
3D Animation: Callum Mudgway, Emily Pritchard, Matic Grgic
3D Rigging: Callum Mudgway, Peter Hillier
3D Lighting and Rendering: Nico Speziali
Compositing: Nico Speziali
Cell Animation: Hamish Palmer, Linus Nelson
Editing: Phyo Thu, Linus Nelson



Style Frames


Final Frames